Working From Home

A quick internet search will show that one of the major growth sectors of the UK economy is that of the home worker.  Traditionally this exercise was the preserve of writers, artists or those who could sew clothing or address envelopes.  The 21st century has created a huge change in UK working practices and over 30% of the adult population now work from the comfort of their own homes in a variety of occupations.

The boom in the garden office market has made it a lot easier for those who wish to design their working lives to fit in with their domestic environment.  As long as a homeowner has sufficient land and their proposed construction is no higher than four metres, they can take advantage of the many home working options that are available.

Most companies that offer these facilities will work from a ready-made timber framed design that the purchaser can adapt to their own needs.  The basic construction of a garden office is environmentally sound.  Most companies use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) timber and the buildings are both double-glazed and insulated to the highest standards.  Some users also take advantage of landscaping opportunities offered by the vendor in order to create a pleasing and natural-looking building.  Bathroom facilities can be incorporated into the design, as can additional windows, external decking and timber partition walls.  As long as the purchaser has a clear idea of the type of office that they wish to have constructed most home office companies will help with the interior design.

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