Woodblock Panels

Parquet flooring is just one type of woodblock material used in flooring, and woodblock flooring in general is a popular alternative to carpets.  It is durable and looks attractive and clean, where carpets tend to collect dust and can look shabby after a while.  There is also not much difference in cost between laying a good carpet and laying a woodblock floor.

Woodblock panels are relatively cheap as an alternative to carpets and parquet flooring and they are easy to lay without resorting to an expert fitter.  These are made from veneer-faced plywood and are produced in a range of finishes to suit all conceivable tastes, from mahogany to teak, and a number of different patterns such as parquet, which looks almost the same as the real thing.

Use a tenon saw to cut the woodblock panels to size before laying them down.  Setting is not a problem, as it is with other types of flooring, and the only real consideration to bear in mind is that because the wood will expand a gap has to be left between it and the skirting board, otherwise the panels may buckle at the edges in summer.

Spread flooring adhesive over the floor surface with a notched spreader tool and lay the woodblock panels three at a time starting along one wall.  Press the panels flat as you proceed and allow 12 mm for expansion along the edges.

Fill any gaps with strips of cork or beading when you are done, and seal the whole surface with two or three coats of floor varnish.

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