Window blinds – making a statement in the home

Tired of the same old high-maintenance window treatments that gather dust and do nothing to enhance the look of your home’s rooms?  Window blinds can be an excellent option for replacing your old, tired-looking curtains and giving your home a bright new outlook on life.

With today’s environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, wood and natural, stain-resistant cloth, window blinds are more practical and economical than ever before.

Window blinds are a suitable option for every room in your home.  In the living area, consider pleated blinds, Roman blinds or, for large windows, vertical window blinds, which can be beautiful and stylish.  For non-standard sizes, window blinds can be made to measure or, if you own a newer home, ready-made window blinds are a great option.

In the kitchen and bathroom where moisture can create a humid environment that encourages mould and mildew to grow, PVC, roller blinds or bamboo window blinds can be good options.  Easy to maintain and easy to keep clean, moisture-resistant window blinds discourage mould and make it easy to keep air born allergens to a minimum.  A quick daily dusting and an annual wash with mild soap and warm water is enough to keep your blinds as attractive and good-looking as the day you installed them.

In bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms, consider blackout window blinds or liners to ensure maximum privacy and light control.  Window blinds are also a great way to add insulation to your windows, controlling the temperature and amount of light coming into your rooms.

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