Why Use a Showerhead Filter?

A showerhead filter works to purify your shower water before it makes contact with your skin.  But if water is already treated, why do you need a showerhead filter in your bathroom?  The answer is simple: harmful chemicals such as chlorine may be added to the water during the purification process.  These substances can be harmful to you and your shower.

Chlorine is the major reason that installing a showerhead filter is a smart idea.  This helpful shower accessory is an easy do-it-yourself project that can reap tremendous benefits.  For example, chlorine strips natural oils from your hair and skin, leading to itchy and flaky skin and dried-out hair.  Hair colour, natural or treated, can also be dulled by repeated exposure to chlorine.  Further, your eyes get dried out and you might experience breathing problems as chlorine is absorbed through the pores.

In fact, as you shower, your skin pores widen and allow easier absorption of chlorine.  More chlorine is absorbed from showering and bathing than by drinking tap water, so adding a filter can greatly reduce your family’s exposure.

Finally, water containing chlorine can corrode your shower tiles and grout faster, leading to quicker replacement concerns.  If your shower cubicle or tub is damaged, you could spend lots of extra money to repair it.  Adding an inexpensive filter could save your health and your wallet in the long run.

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