Why choose a quartz worktop?

There are many reasons why people choose quartz worktops in preference to more traditional granite. These worktops can offer a less expensive alternative, but they also give a wide choice of colours as well. Natural quartz surfaces deliver exceptional depth and clarity as well as the cool, solid feel which is normally associated with, and unique to natural stone. Whereas Granite is a 100% natural product, Quartz worktops are man-made and can be made into a wider variety of colours.

Quartz is a composite of one of the most varied minerals occurring in different types, colours and forms. This versatility gives this product an individual and unique appearance, Quartz is found in the ground, in sand or rocks and in almost every geological location around the world. Quartz is a crystal with many facets in its original form, this gives it a radiance similar to that of diamonds. This beautiful natural material is professionally processed into many products which can include quartz worktops, vanity tops, or other work surfaces. When this is tailored into a kitchen worktop the result is stunning and offers the user a surface which is highly resistant to high heat, scratches, stains, and resistant to acid and chemicals amongst many. 

Looking after quartz worktops is not difficult and due to their exceptional physical and mechanical properties, the regular maintenance of Quartz worktops only requires cleaning with a product such as detergent which is pH neutral to retain is timeless beauty.

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