Which Curtains and Blinds Offer the Best Insulation?

Windows can be a source of heat loss in the winter. Choosing the right curtains and blinds can help to insulate the home, reducing heat loss and energy bills. Although all curtains and blinds provide a degree of insulation, some are more effective than others.

Heavy curtains and those with thermal linings work best at preventing heat loss. Some curtains feature a third layer of interlining which provides a higher level of insulation. Curtains can also be combined with a simple window blind such as a roller blind. Roller blinds are very discreet and can be hidden within a window recess, providing further insulation when rolled down behind drawn curtains.

Many blinds, particularly Roman blinds and roller blinds, are available with a thermal lining and are often cheaper to buy than curtains. Thermally-lined blinds are effective at preventing heat loss and, like curtains, are available in a range of styles and colours, allowing you to save money on energy bills with decorative flair.

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