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What type of lawnmower should you choose?

If you have a house or a property with any area of lawn or turf, it’s most likely that it’s your responsibility for the upkeep of the grass area and keeping it tidy. You have two options for this: hiring a gardener to cut the grass for you, or buying your own lawnmower to do it yourself. Often in the long run, though a lawnmower is expensive to buy up front, it might be best to buy one yourself. But when it’s your first time buying one, how do you know which one will do the job you want?

You first need to assess the size of the lawn area you’ll be tackling – for a smaller lawn, there are a number of ‘walk-behind’ mowers that will serve you well. But if the area seems like it would take a long time to do in that way, a ride-on mower might be your best bet. But make sure to check that there won’t be any obstacles in the path of the lawn mower that will be difficult to manoeuvre around such as trees and flower beds. You also need to take into consideration the type of landscape you’ll be mowing – is it rocky; is there a slope? You can then decide whether a walk-behind or ride-on would be best.

Think also about the type of grass you have. If it is very fine ‘ornamental’ turf it will need to be tended to regularly and with no ‘heavy’ equipment – try a ‘cylinder’ mower for this job. A rotary lawnmower is best for a typical family garden which will have a mixture of grass and weeds that needs cutting around once a week. If you need something lightweight and easy to handle, a hover mower will be best.

It’s important that once you have chosen which kind of lawnmower will be best for you to keep it in tip-top condition. Do not leave it outside to rust; keep it in a shed where it will be protected from the elements. Make sure to keep the blades and engine in good condition and replace anything that is playing up.

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