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What to Look for When Buying Girl’s Beds

The old nursery school song says it best when it says that little boys are made from frogs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails and little girls are made from sugar and spice and all things nice. The lyrics of that little song is often true when it comes to defining the dynamics of a girl child and the purchasing of a bed for her room. So what do we look for when buying girls beds?

There are many different makes of beds that one can purchase but the most important factors when buying a bed would be comfort and size. Upholstered beds can be considered but note, buying a bed should not be taken as lightly as when shopping for guest beds for the holiday season when your home is filled with friends and family.

One of the more popular makes of girl’s beds is the princess bed. All girls like to feel like princesses and this make of bed is perfect to create that desired effect. With its high post and wood finish, it is truly a favourite among parents with little girls.

Another great buy for the slightly older girl is the Amalfi pine solo. The simple reason is that it comes with a great chest at the foot of the bed for all her dolls and teddies. This great buy will make any little girl feel truly special and is ranked as one of the more popular buys in girls beds.  And, in these trying times when magazines make girls feel that they are suppose to be super skinny; having a princess is always a fresh welcome.


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