What to know about garden gazebos

Purchasing a gazebo is not the same as buying a little piece of furniture. There are many factors to consider in choosing the perfect gazebo. Thankfully, the African thatch Company is here to help you.

Wooden Gazebos are available in a range of different materials. You can choose from Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine and vinyl. Among the three, the Western Red Cedar is the most exceptional wood in terms of quality, durability and beauty. Also, it has natural oils that can prevent insect damage and wood decay. The best part of Western Red Cedar is it is a dimensionally stable and durable wood, which ages gracefully.

Vinyl gazebos are made using reinforced vinyl materials. For busy people who do not have much time to clean, vinyl gazebos require a lower level of maintenance and only occasional cleaning. This is because of their high performance and long lasting durability.

The number one gazebo is the pressure pine gazebo. This material has undergone next-generation pressure treatment, which means that this newly patented Wolmanized outdoor wood ensures a termite- and fungal-free gazebo for a lifetime.

In some towns, permits are required to build a gazebo. But this should be the least of your worries, since a simple call to the local building inspector can solve that problem. Usually, filling out a simple form will be the only requirement. If specification charts and engineer-stamped drawings are required, then it is best to contact a professional.

Now that you are knowledgeable about gazebos, choose one that perfectly suits your garden or backyard.

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