What is a Garden Room?

What is a garden room?  Essentially, it is a glass-walled living room situated in the garden, physically separate from the house, though connected to the power, and often water supplies, coming into the house.  Although similar to a conservatory, it is not an extension of the house and is often marketed as a solid-roof conservatory whereas a traditional conservatory has a glazed roof.  If it possesses a bay window it may be termed a Georgian-style conservatory, or a sun-lounge if it has a pitched roof.

The roof finish can be made from a range of materials, including lead, mineral felt, slate and tile, and the variety actually used will depend largely on the slope of the roof.  Lead and mineral felt on more modern garden room roofs, have been substituted with vinyl or aluminium skins and high-tech paints, which require skilled application.

There are a number of benefits to having a garden room on one’s property, rather than a traditional conservatory.  It will be more comfortable in cold weather because of the insulated roofing which reduces down draughts and heat loss, so it can be used all year round.  It will also require a smaller radiator, with reduced energy bills.  The solid roof will also make the space cooler and more comfortable in the summer, with no need for lots of opening windows and roof blinds.  The roof will not need regular cleaning, and there will be greater privacy too.

A garden room is the ideal solution for anyone looking to increase the permanently habitable space in their home, without going to the expense of having a traditional brick-built house extension, or the ‘goldfish bowl’ exposure and running costs of a conservatory.  The lower costs and simplified construction are making garden studios increasingly attractive to homeowners.

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