Wallpapering stairs

It has to be the most difficult DIY project that you may wish to undertake and it is worth saying that you may consider that for this area of the home, hiring a professional, who will have the correct equipment, may be a sensible move.

However, it is still a project, which if approached sensibly, can be worthwhile and very satisfying. The first thing to consider is to use a high quality paper as you may not want to tackle this job again for a long time.

Getting access to the high part of the wall is the challenge that you must overcome and it is here that it is worth looking at hiring proper access ladders specifically designed for the purpose. These ladders are specifically designed to work on stairs, where the bottom of the ladder is adjustable so they can stand on different levels.

Ladders and scaffold boards can be adapted to suit the most common situations, whatever your arrangement make sure you can reach everywhere you will need to without stretching. You will have to have the use of a ladder as well as a pair of steps, the ladder will be placed on the staircase and the steps on the landing this way you will be able to place a batten on the ladder and the steps to reach the well at the top of the stair. Important, the stair carpet must be removed and a wood stop screwed to the tread at the foot of the ladder to prevent it from moving. Please remember the most important part of papering the stairs is having a safe working platform.

Picture: Charlotte Claeson

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