Vertical Blinds – a great choice for any home

When considering the type of window dressing for your rooms, vertical blinds might be a good solution.  Vertical blinds are particularly suitable for doors and windows that are wider than they are tall when measured from side to side.

This type of blind features a series of overlapping slats of fabric that is able to be rotated in unison and are fixed at the top by a tidy headrail.

Vertical blinds are very versatile and can be arranged to block off an unsightly view and provide privacy, yet still let in the light and the sun.  They can be rotated 180 degrees to filter light or can be closed completely to block out light.

The control of vertical blinds is done via a cord that links each slat to the other.  A wand or cord is often used to alter the rotation of the slats to control the amount of light entering a room.  They can be arranged to stack all on the left, the right or designed to part in the middle, and when open, stack on either side of the frame.  When they are fully open, this type of blind takes up little room and allows a wider view.

Vertical blinds come in a variety of colours and the individual slats are generally wider than their venetian blind counterparts.

Vertical blinds do not trap dirt in the same way that horizontal blinds and door treatments can.  They also discourage flies and other insects from entering a room.

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