Use Blinds to Create an Illusion of Darkness

Blinds can be effectively used to block out all natural light in a room, thus creating an illusion of night.  However, not all blinds can be used for this purpose.  Many homeowners share a common misconception that the darker the colour of the blinds, the more the light that will be blocked out.  The truth is, unless blackout blinds have been installed, light will filter through regardless of the colour of the blinds.

As an owner, if you’re looking for blinds that will reduce light from entering the room, you cannot opt for black blinds, assuming they’ll do the job.  Instead, you should purchasing blackout blinds, since these are designed using heavy materials that are quite opaque.  Blackout blinds are available in a variety of colours to match the room decor while acting as a sun filter to keep out all sources of light.

When choosing blinds to reduce light, consider the material they’re made of.  Heavy, thick blinds will block out most light, so if you’re looking to create a complete night effect in your room, you know what to go for. 

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