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Upgrade your home by creating a luxury bathroom

If you were to ask an estate agent which of the rooms or features is most important to house buyers, most would suggest that it was the bathroom, possibly followed by the kitchen. We suspect the reason why the bathroom is so important is because it is a place where a person can relax and enjoy the luxury of a hot bath in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Naturally the bathroom also serves as a place that has to be a functional family room, so when considering how you are going to create your luxury bathroom, it must also be up to date and functional too. We have seen over the years how bathroom design is constantly evolving, but what has become apparent is that we are able to identify two distinct trends which are very fashionable, but when correctly implemented they will bring that sense of luxury to a bathroom, no matter what size this may be. The sunken bath, as well as multi-layered flooring, are the stand out items becoming popular over the past few years and can give a bathroom the feel and luxury of a spa but without the price tag.

The positioning of the sunken bath will to some extent depend upon the size of the room, the most popular being the corner of the room, or better still underneath the window. We can think of nothing better than to relax in your sunken bath and look at the world outside. Alternatively if your bathroom is large enough we suggest that you have the sunken bath right in the middle of the room. Once that you have decided where the bath is to go, you can then begin to plan the other features that are needed to complete your luxury bathroom.

Now we come to the second popular trend which is the multi layered floor; this is a sure way to give an illusion of size to a smaller room. The way that this works is simple, all you have to do is to raise only certain features, raise the bath or perhaps the shower, but leave the toilet and wash hand basin at the lower or original level. The multi layered floor is not restricted to a smaller bathroom, it works equally well in a larger room too, we guarantee that the finished result will be a luxurious, but still family functional bathroom.

3D concept pictures courtesy of UK Bathrooms



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