Update your bathroom on a budget with new basin taps

Basin taps come in a wide variety of styles that are certain to suit any taste. If you are designing and fitting your own bathroom suite, there will be an abundance of styles for you to choose from at your suppliers. Modern fittings are proving as popular as ever, and it is in this category that you will find the most options.

Single-hole basin taps are always a popular choice, especially if you are looking to save a bit of space around the area of your bathroom sink. However, easily amongst the most highly sought after are the wall-mounted styles, which not only have a more discreet presence, but are ideal for saving space. Also, when it comes to cleaning, they will save you scrubbing around the base of the tap.

Breaking away from the sleek modern designs, you will find many famous styles that are a common sight in more traditional bathroom suites. Romsey and Kingsley basin taps are just two popular fittings that will add a touch of class to your bathroom. Sinks with marble bases will be complemented particularly well by these two styles.

Of course, a golden rule is that your basin taps match your bath taps, so it’s important not to rush out and buy a set for your basin, only to find yourself without a similar style for your bath. It can be quite confusing with the variety of styles on offer from different manufacturers, but what you must never do is mix two different brands of tap in your bathroom suite as this will never give it the look you hope for.

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