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Underfloor Heating Kits for your Home

Underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular option for heating new buildings in the UK.  The main advantages are that the room is heated more evenly and you can get the same level of warmth from a lower temperature, making savings of up to 20% on other forms of central heating.

DIY Projects

Underfloor heating systems are now more affordable than ever and as each room can be dealt with one at a time they are perfect for restoration or refurbishing projects.  Underfloor heating kits are also fairly easy to install and so can form part of a DIY project.

The easiest system to install for a DIY enthusiast is electric underfloor heating, which is ideal for tiled, laminate or carpeted floors.  These systems are programmed by using an underfloor heating thermostat in each room and are controlled throughout the night and day.  DIY water underfloor heating kits are also available, but are slightly trickier to install.

DIY Underfloor Heating Kits

A variety of underfloor heating kits are available and it is important to ensure that the one you purchase is suitable for the room and the type of flooring where it is to be installed.  Underfloor heating kits should provide all the equipment required and some companies offer a bespoke kit, which is custom made to suit your specific requirements.

All underfloor electric heating kits should come with a guarantee.  When purchasing electric cable underfloor heating systems it is important to check the power consumption.  If this is less than 3kw the cables can be wired up as a fused spur on a ring main.  However, if the total power consumption exceeds 3kw it will have to have its own separate circuit and be fitted with a 30 or 32 amp MCB at the consumer unit.


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