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Underfloor heating electric mesh

Underfloor heating is a common alternative to heating rooms with conventional wood, gas, oil or coal burners, electric heaters or water radiator networks. The latter means of heating use convected heat, which circulates heat in air currents in a room.  This quickly tends to rise to the top of a room, thereby being lost somewhat to the occupants. Underfloor heating uses radiant heat spread out more evenly over the floor surface and is longer lasting; therefore more efficient. Underfloor heating is typically water based, using a series of underfloor water pipes, or electric based, using electric cables or mesh.

As indicated above, one of the key requirements for a successful underfloor heating system is that it is spread out under the surface of a floor so that the heat is spread out very evenly across a room. In effect, the whole floor acts as a radiator. Electric mesh is particularly successful at achieving this effect.

One of the benefits of electric mesh is that it is easy to install, either by a professional or on a DIY basis as part of an underfloor heating kit. It does not need to be stuck onto the selected heating areas but is simply laid out over it.  It is normally easy to cut into desired shapes so as to fit into the room area.

Also, electric mesh mats can be used with either wooden, laminate, tile or stone floors as it is thin enough to fit into most underfloor spaces and is unlikely to damage softer material such as wood.


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