Travertine tiles are great for any home

If you are looking to update your home then using travertine tiles is a great idea. Travertine has been used as a building material for many years and is so versatile that it can be used for a range of different applications like flooring, wall claddings and even worktops, but can also be used in outside areas such as patios or swimming pool surrounds.

This natural stone is available in many different colours and styles including square mosaic and mixed mosaic as well as standard tile sizes. Travertine tiles can be supplied with a natural finish (pitted and weathered) which is ideal for outdoor use or it can be filled and polished to give it a shiny look, perfect for bathroom floors and walls.

Travertine was widely used by the Romans as a building material and has seen a rise in popularity once mare as more and more people update their properties. Travertine tiles are a lot lighter than other materials such as marble and granite and cost less, which has made it a great choice for updating your home.

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