Travertine Tiles – a versatile material for your home

Travertine Tiles are a versatile building material that is seen throughout the world and is available in a variety of finishes and colours. Choosing the right finish will to some extent depend upon the location where the Travertine Tiles are to be fitted. For example it would not make sense to choose a highly polished Travertine Tile for an outside paving area such as a patio or terrace, in this situation using unfilled or tumbled Travertine Tiles would be the natural choice. Travertine Tiles come in three distinct finishes and each has its own look and feel and includes polished travertine, tumbled travertine and honed travertine stone. With knowledge about the different finishes you will be able to make an informed choice about which of the Travertine Tile finishes is best suited for your own particular needs.

For a reception, bathroom, or for wall finishes and external cladding, choosing a premium quality Travertine Tile polished, honed and filled is the choice and is suitable for all domestic, as well as commercial locations and gives a modern and contemporary look and feel. Because Travertine is a natural product this gives each Travertine Tile its own unique characteristics.

Honed and lightly polished Travertine Tiles are a quality product that is less expensive than a premium quality highly polished Travertine Tile, but nonetheless a great favourite with architects and specifiers as this is still a high quality Travertine Tile and looks good in any location that it is placed. This tile has a variety of natural shading and has matt appearance, ideal in kitchen and shower areas.

For a “farmhouse” kitchen appearance, the conservatory or that outside patio area, you should choose tumbled Travertine Tiles. These have been put into a rotating drum which has debris or stones in it which gives the Travertine Tile chips, missing corners and has a rough and natural look and feel; due to the uneven finish this Travertine Tile will require wider grouting than the other finishes but is in keeping with the look.

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