Travertine for building a long-lasting, beautiful home

One of the most prominent ancient architectural masterpieces is the Colosseum in Rome, which never fails to fascinate the human eye.

Built long ago, it still exists despite the earthquakes that have shattered some parts of the structure.

Its beauty and strength are testimony that the materials used to construct it are just as elegant as the structure itself. One of the most remarkable elements of this ancient building is the travertine stone, which makes up 100,000 cubic metres of its exterior wall.

Travertine can also enhance the tone of a home, is one of the best materials for flooring decorations, and is very durable.

This geologically formed material can also add appeal to a home exterior, bathroom, flooring and walls.

Travertine looks best when selecting the right colour to perfectly fit the particular home. This rich stone comes in shades of ivory, beige, gold and even deep reddish brown, depending on the iron level in the stone.

Travertine tiles have also been of interest to many because of the fine appearance they provide to a house’s whole interior. These tiles can be used to enhance a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

This stone can also be used in other establishments or commercial structures to enhance interior and outdoor appeal.

Moreover, travertine tiles are also very cost effective. Travertine stone is a less expensive material that can be used to bring more beauty and durability to one’s home.

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