Traditional Bath Taps

If you are designing a new bathroom there is no doubt that a traditional style will give your bathroom a touch of class and charm that will never go out of fashion – unlike perhaps the abundance of modern suites that are available. Of course, each component will highlight the style that you are trying to achieve, but the bath taps, basin taps and accessories are what will define the mood of your bathroom.

The first thing to watch out for when choosing traditional bath taps is that they match the style of the rest of your bathroom furniture and fittings. Three of the most popular traditional styles on the market are Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian – all of which may look the same to the untrained eye, but when combined will not give your bathroom a finished look.

Victorian bathroom taps will give your suite a much older feel, while the Edwardian style is proving to be a popular choice in showrooms and new houses and flats. As always, there will be the option to buy original Victorian and Edwardian taps, but as they can be looked at as being antiques you can expect to pay a high price.

Most replica taps can easily emulate their older counterparts, and will also have the option of coming with a showerhead. If you were unable to fit a shower enclosure into your bathroom, this would be seriously recommended. For anyone wanting to keep strictly in character with the style they are looking for a showerhead will be best avoided.

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