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Top reasons for buying a home revealed

When asked the question by conveyancer My Home Move why you bought your home, 56% replied that they simply fell in love with it, and the top reasons why they did included location, price and a garden. However, as with all things connected to buying a property, it is not as simple as that and understandably much more diverse.

When asked to give three reasons for choosing a particular property, the location of the intended property purchase is the main reason given by 58% of people, price accounting for 37% of respondents and the garden being a factor given by 29% of the buyers.

The chief executive of My Home Move Doug Crawford commented that location is the main factor why someone could either fall in love, or even fall out of love with a home. Naturally we all love a bargain, but when buying a home, price is a factor but, secondary to where the property is located. Property prices are continuing to rise and to levels which precludes first time buyers from getting onto the property ladder, forcing them to look outside of their preferred location. They often have to compromise and bear the cost of commuting to their place of work In order to find a home that they like and can afford.

Now as we can see property buyers put location as the top reason, this could be for many reasons, but the important was transport links according to 40%, parks fields and forests were given by 35% and schools and families given by 29%, with being close to work a reason by 23% of those asked. The reasons given for not buying a property looked at, unsurprisingly location was chosen by 43%, too expensive by 40% inside of the property was a reason cited by 34%, too small by 30% and outside appearance given by 26%.

So as we can see, it is pretty much all about location, location, location, when coming to buy your dream home.



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