Tips on choosing a new shower

There are many showers on the market which can be purchased on a small budget, but there are many others which are at the more extravagant end of the spectrum. It is important to consider whether or not you are looking to purchase an electric shower or a power shower. These are known for their powerful jet systems. However, a standard electric shower is basically just a water heater. The electricity heats up cold water from the mains extremely quickly as it progresses towards the shower head. The force of the water will depend entirely upon the pressure within your water mains as electric showers do not use pumps. They are a rather economical means of washing though since you will only use up the water that you require. Also since they actually use cold water you can still be guaranteed a hot shower if your boiler breaks down.

The alternative is the power shower which is basically a mixer shower with connections to the hot and cold water supply mains. These showers actually use an electric pump which creates a stronger pressure as the water is released from the shower head. These are really popular due to the powerful sensation and extra-clean feeling they can often provide.

There are many brands of electric and power showers although two of the best known names are Triton and Mira. It is definitely worthwhile doing some research and shopping around before settling on your ideal shower.

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