Timber Decking and Garden Pergola

Timber decking can be constructed to any shape or size you require blending into every position and contour of the garden. Additional features like a Garden Pergola complete with spindles and a handrail make it the perfect place to barbeque and entertain your friends or guests

timber decking and garden pagoda

The floor framework for the timber decking is constructed from 6″ x 2″ rough sawn treated softwood supported on 4″ x 4″ treated softwood posts extending into the ground at least 18″ and surrounded with concrete.

The frame for the pergola roof is constructed using 4″ x 2″ rough sawn treated softwood bolted to the top of the posts giving a head room of at least 6′ 6″, with 4″ x 2″ rough sawn treated softwood roof spars at 16″ centres.

pagoda with timber decking

The timber decking is screwed to the floor using coated screws or nails to prevent discolouring of the timber, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized or coated to British Standard specification BS7371 Part 6. A gap is left between each decking board to allow for the natural movement of timber over the seasons and help surface drainage and ventilation of the entire structure. Deck boards come in a range of sizes from 75mm to 150mm wide and appearances are plain, ribbed or grooved.

A slight fall of 1″ in 100″ should be built into the deck structure to enable fast drainage and to reduce the effects of movement caused by the moisture content it is not recommend using deck board wider than 150mm, . If the decking is attached to a property then the fall should be away from the building

9 Responses to “Timber Decking and Garden Pergola”

  1. Barry Says:

    I’m interested in timber decking. At the moment I have a patio with normal paving slabs and gravel. Does the decking go on top of this or does the existing patio get ripped up first? How long does it take to lay a deck roughly 10ft by 20ft?

  2. Mr Buildit Says:

    I would advise the removal of the existing patio flags and replace the total area with gravel to allow water to drain away from underneath your new timber decking, the gravel should be laid on top of a membrane to stop weeds from growing through. You need to leave at least a 2″ gap from the top of your gravel to the underside of the floor joist so air can circulate underneath.

    To construct a deck 20′ x 10′ would take approx 2 - 3 days including any newel posts, spindles and handrail you may require

  3. Barry Says:

    Thanks Mr Build It, I suppose thinking about it that getting rid of the old patio is a big pain but worth it as you say for drainage. If I was to get the decking sorted, probably in the Spring now, if I was to clear the old patio away myself that would save a lot of time wouldn’t it.

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