The Proper Shower Tray Can Save Valuable Bathroom Space

If you are planning a bathroom remodelling project, choosing the right shower tray for your washroom will help maximise valuable floor space in your bathroom, and compliment your overall design.  Use the following guide to help you figure the appropriate shower tray for your bathroom.

Rectangular shower trays are the largest and provide the most interior room, but they can take up lots of space in a small bathroom. Square shower trays are slightly more compact, but still provide plenty of room for a comfortable shower. Pentangle shower trays are comparable to square bases, but have a single corner cut off to decrease the floor space they occupy.  These are an excellent choice for corner shower enclosures.

Synthetic materials like acrylic or fibreglass are the most affordable and easiest to care for options for shower trays. They are lightweight and relatively simple to install, though offer little in the way of aesthetic design. Natural materials like stone, ceramic, tiles, or glass are more stylish choices.  While using natural materials can really boost your bathroom’s style factor, they are typically more expensive and harder to maintain.

Deep shower trays can double as bathtubs, which further increases functionality in small bathrooms. Both natural and synthetic materials come in an endless array of colours to compliment any decor.

Most importantly, take time to fully plan your new bathroom, and make allowances for the look you want, and the space you have to work with.

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