The popularity of sofa beds keeps growing!

Sofa beds are extremely popular, and fit in well with modern tastes. The traditional big bed dominating the room is becoming for many people a thing of the past, associated with conventional thinking and lack of imagination. The sofa bed says something about your flexible and non-conformist outlook, your adaptability and adventurous spirit.

In the fairly recent past, sofa beds were essentially metal beds with some inept padding that would supposedly convert them into sumptuous sofas in the twinkling of an eye. In practice, they were ungainly and unwieldy mechanisms that were more likely to chop your fingers off as you attempted to fold them away or extend the frame.

Nowadays, that has all changed. Ease of use and comfort in their dual functions as beds and sofas have driven the technology, as sofa beds have seen a surge of interest from consumers.

Where once the heart would sink at the prospect of spending a sleepless night on a friend’s sofa bed, now the specially designed mattresses incorporating advanced foam technologies make for beds that are often more comfortable than their traditional counterparts.

By day, these state-of-the-art sofa beds, or bed sofas, convert into equally comfortable and stylish seating, gracing any lounge area or indeed bedroom. With a range of fabrics available, contemporary features, durability and support, sofa beds these days are a far cry from the instruments of torture we used to shiver at.

Sofa beds provide comfort round the clock, and can transform a small bedroom into a spacious, multi-functional area.

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