The Essential DIY Toolkit

For anyone who’s not quite ready for property development, but is not averse to DIY, perhaps suspended somewhere between painting/decorating and confident plastering, assembling a good, practical toolbox is an essential step to honing your skills. But just what should you include?

Here are few ‘must have’ items for any basic toolbox, you can add to them as you gain in confidence and experience.

It’s hard to get very far without a reliable, retractable tape measure. They’re cheap and absolutely essential, so definitely get one. Insulated pliers are exceptionally handy too. If you’re paring back electrical insulation or cutting through old wires they’ll protect you if they aren’t quite as dead as you expected them to be. A claw hammer will enable you to drive nails in and pull them out again if they bend madly.

No toolbox would be complete without a set of screwdrivers, a mix of various sizes and drive profiles, crosshead and straight. An electric screwdriver can help enormously and there is a huge range of screw heads to select, including Allen-key type profiles.

A set of adjustable spanners will be worth their weight in gold, but at least get a small-to-medium sized one. Another absolute essential is a spirit level; some of the laser-line types are great for getting shelves and large picture frames or mirrors level. Finally, a ‘box cutter’ (Stanley knife) and electrical screwdriver should complete the bare essentials.

OK, so experts in building and construction may turn their noses up at it, but as a first step to DIY competence you will now have a at least all the basic tools you need.

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