The Best Place for a Gazebo

The beauty of a gazebo is that it is often portable. It can be positioned in one area of the garden, but easily moved if need be. Of course, there are gazebos that can be firmly fixed into the ground, which are not so easy to move. If you are buying one of these, how do you know where it should be placed?

It is all about personal preference. Garden gazebos look perfect both on decking or similar patio areas, and can be positioned for the perfect place to shade from the sun. For those sun worshippers, it can be placed in the ideal position to catch the sun. A gazebo on a deck can also double as a bar area for those who wish to entertain.

Those with larger gardens may wish to consider positioning their gazebo at the bottom of the garden. When placed amongst foliage, a feel of a secret hideaway garden room is created; a romantic setting for both young and old alike.

Having a gazebo in a garden is also the ideal place for children to play. In this case, positioning it closer to the house, so that it is under adult supervision at all times, is best. Enclosed gazebos can be used as extra rooms, and often these are used for offices. If this is the case then again, the best position would be closer to the house for easy connection to the mains electricity if needed.

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