The Advantages of Water Underfloor Heating

Water underfloor heating is nothing to do with a system gone wrong, as you may think when you first see it. It is simply one of the two main systems that can be installed when you choose underfloor heating. Water underfloor heating refers to a pipe work system, whereby electricity is use to heat the water, which in turn heats the floor to produce the heat that is needed to keep the house warm. 

A series of pipes are laid, running in snake patterns, across the whole floor plan of the house. At this stage a little attention is needed to room layout, because underfloor heating can be used in all rooms. A good underfloor heating engineer will ensure that there is plenty of pipe work in each room, but it is laid in continuous lengths rather than each room having its own set of pipes, which means that the whole system is easy to control. If you are using a screed type floor you are actually harnessing the heat storing properties of the concrete. This results in some serious savings, both in terms of money, as you will need to heat the house for less time and in terms of fuel consumption, as you will not need to burn so much electricity to heat the water. Water underfloor heating is thought to be the best way to go in new builds where the floor is yet to be laid.

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