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Support for new homes from people in their local area

home building

The people of the UK are usually vociferous for their support of homes being built for people, “as long as it’s not in my backyard”, nimbyism in other words, However it does seem as though that attitude might be changing according to a recent survey from the British Social Attitude, which does seem to suggest that 56% of those questioned support new homes being built in their area, which is a marked improvement of 27% since the year 2010. Also that can also be confirmed as the opposition to local housing in their locality has nearly halved from 46% to just 20% now.

Naturally the news has been welcomed by government and Housing Minster Brandon Lewis commented that it was the government’s long term aim to build houses and to help aspiring home owners. He went on to say that there has been an increase of 10% over the last year and the number of first time buyers is the highest it has been since 2008.

Help from government has obviously been a factor and no longer are developers and neighbours pitted against each other, now local and neighbourhood plans mean that planning and other arrangements operate more smoothly.

Councils have also benefited through payments of £3.4 billion through the New Homes Bonus payments to reward communities for building new homes. In the last year to October 2014, 240,000 homes have received planning permission right across the country.

The “Help to Buy” scheme has also benefited a huge number of buyers with 88,000 being given help to buy homes with just a fraction of the deposit that was previously demanded, the “Starter Homes” initiative also helps first time buyers to get on the housing ladder with a newly built home being given a 20% discount.

Meanwhile council house building is now at a 23 year high and 217,000 affordable homes have been delivered by housing associations since 2010, all very encouraging news.



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