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Summer projects to spruce up your home

Summer is the best time of year to do those much needed DIY projects that seem to get left forever. The good weather and lighter night’s means that you have plenty of time to finish your projects and revitalise your home.

Here are our top home projects for the summer months:

Painting – interior and exterior

The good weather during the summer months (I use this term loosely) means that you can paint your home without worrying about the rain and cold damaging the new paint. The paint will dry faster in the summer months and opening windows also adds ventilation to the property.

You will be amazed at what a difference a coat of paint can make to your home, whether it’s inside or out, plus you will also be adding value to your property.

Cleaning your windows

You’d be surprised at how many years people go without cleaning their windows here in the UK. Taking some time to clean your windows in the summer is a great way of brightening up your home and is a cheap and easy way of making your home look better.


Gardening, including weather proofing your decking and fences is a great summer project. This time of year many people spend a lot more time in their gardens, but who wants to look at an unfinished garden?

Once finished, the garden is a perfect place to relax and unwind, as well as entertaining guests and also adds value to your home.


A great summertime DIY project is decluttering your house. If you’re like us then you’ll have garages and cupboards full of random bits and bobs from years of hording, but taking some time to sort through it all will give you peace of mind.

Whether its clothes and shoes, bills or random items accumulated throughout the years, be brutal and ditch stuff you haven’t used in a long time. Items in good condition can be sold to make some money or given to charity shops, while tatty or broken items can be taken to your local skip.

The summer months are usually the time of year for relaxing and unwinding, but these home improvement projects can make the most out of your indoor and outdoor space, as well as add value to your home.



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