Some Tips for Decorating With Tiles

Tile is a versatile, easily maintained and attractive way to enhance the value of your home.  Tiles can be applied to the walls and floors.  They can make small dark areas look brighter and bigger, and they can add interesting focal points to large areas of otherwise plain space.

Tiles come in a variety of materials, colours, textures, sizes, and shapes.  Purchase your tiles from suppliers who are knowledgeable about their products.  Suppliers are usually very happy to provide helpful advice on design and installation. 

Tiling a room or floor in your house might seem like an intimidating job but if you follow a few simple steps the finished product will bring you satisfaction for years.

When choosing which tiles to use for your project consideration should be given to the size and shape of the area to be tiled.  Patterned tiles may not be the best choice for oddly shaped or curved areas because too many tiles will have to be trimmed to fit; consider textured tiles as an alternative to provide an interesting finish.

Large areas of plain tile can be attractively structured and made to look more colourful by using tiles of a contrasting colour or pattern to create panels or borders.

Small corner areas in kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from being tiled with smaller light coloured tiles, which are easy to keep clean and grease free.

Natural stone tiles may be better suited to heavy traffic areas than ceramic or wood floor tiles, and they can be used to very good effect in outdoor showers and bathrooms.

Whatever your choice be sure to follow the advice of the supplier concerning the correct adhesives to use and follow installation instructions carefully. 

Accurately preplanning your project using squared graph paper before even purchasing your tiles can help with estimating quantities, and identifies any problem areas in advance.  Be sure to include all obstacles on your plan.  As a rule, you do not want to have to trim tiles to less than one quarter of their size, as this will lead to a lot of breakages. 

Get a few more tiles than you need to allow for breakages during installation, and future repairs should any tiles become worn or broken.

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