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Some of the best interior design trends for 2015

Last year was a time where we saw lots of bright jewel tones and many chevron patterns with matching furnishings and bright colours, so what does this year hold in store for the interior designer? Well it looks as though it is going to be entirely different and Let Me Build It have put together what we believe are this year’s five best interior design trends that you can use for your home.

Bold Wallpaper


The first thing is in wall papers which are set to be bold and although may believe that wallpapers belong to the 1970’s this year they are due to make a comeback. For many, wallpaper is a wonderful decorating material and this year you can expect to see unusual textures and new materials, with embossed decorations featured. Look out for embossed papers which work very well in large rooms, bold prints are also going to feature this year. Do not be afraid to use wallpaper in the bathroom, modern papers are humidity-resistant.

Blue is the magic colour!

blue room

The colours that are most likely to appear this year could be dominated by blue, for many blue is a colour which is not one widely associated with many rooms outside of the bathroom. That is going to change and the latter part of 2014 saw cobalt blue making a strong appearance; we consider that it is here to stay. If your choices have been black and darker colours, now is your chance to experiment with blue tones.

Bringing nature inside


Landscaping, but on the inside of the home is going to be a strong trend in 2015, old wood cleaned and polished in shapes, rustic metals even bold houseplants can add to a look of nature. Natural wildlife prints on wall followed up by cushions and soft furnishings continue this theme by layering up on potted plants with different shapes and heights. Where it is possible putting in a water feature or if not possible then just try something that is more subtle by adding floral prints, sure to transform the look of your home.

Gold fittings


Gold is an inspired choice when it comes to fittings and this year we are going to see lots of items such as light fittings, taps as well as gold decorations embellished onto fabrics as well as furnishings. Nowhere better than the bathroom to mix and match rose gold, brass and copper to evoke a warm and inviting design, door handles, lampshades and other accessories can give an opulent warmth to the home without redecorating completely, there is no question that the colour gold is making a striking appearance and adding an opulent glow to every room it touches.

A fusion of ideas


One of the big changes likely to make an appearance this year will be the use of combining old and new interior design ideas. This fusion of styles can mean that you can utilise older furniture instead of throwing this out, mixing and matching, adding some new colours, combining the curved lines of contemporary furniture with more rustic accessories, this will be a great way to slowly add new and daring designs into your home.



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