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Solar Powered Underfloor Heating

Solar panels convert sunshine to solar electric power and the solar electricity is then used to run the electrical devices in a building. Any surplus power that is created can be sold to the power company which helps to eliminate the cost of expensive batteries and can also help with running costs.

Using solar power to heat your home is a good low cost option, and using it for underfloor heating is something well worth considering. The new solar panels are highly efficient and the running costs extremely low and even in the UK this is a practical option for most homes.

Because underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than conventional heating - between 35 and 50C - it is ideally suited to using solar power. Each room of the house has a separate circuit and thermostat and underfloor units are ideal for both carpeted and wooden or laminate flooring.

The solar panels are fitted into the roof and then connected to batteries which run the underfloor panels and the hot water system. The benefits include a healthier, allergy free environment and no radiators, making furnishing and decorating your home easier.

As with all underfloor heating systems, it is cheap to install in a new home but can be more expensive in an existing property.

Although solar heating seems risky where there is less sunshine, the new style solar panel can adapt even the smallest amounts of sunshine into solar power, saving money as well as being environmentally friendly.


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