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Simple ways to add value to your home

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We all want to get the best price for our homes when it comes to selling them and there are some simple and easy ways that you can do this.

First impressions are what most people go on when they decide to view a house and as the potential buyers will be aware of the asking price, they do not want to be put off by a scruffy outside appearance. Ensure the garden is weeded and tidy, the fencing is okay and if the paintwork is poor, give it a new coat.

If there are obvious problems with the roof fix them, missing or loose slates will put off potential buyers, also ensure gutters are clear, you do not want water pouring over the top if buyers come and it’s raining.

Even if you like dark colours, they do tend to make homes look smaller and they can also appear dingy. Making your home lighter will have a huge effect and it is a cheap and easy way to increase the value. Sparkling windows also give a good impression and certainly make a home more appealing. Lighting is important, even if you have been saving fuel; you are now trying to sell your property so make it bright, particularly if it is winter.

Painting your home may seem a waste of time and money, most new owners redecorate anyway, although they may not want to do it immediately, but this is standard advice if you want to sell. When you do redecorate use neutral colour such as magnolia and avoid bright colours, remember although you may like purple or lime green, a new buyer will probably not.

Flooring is an area which most buyers will focus on as soon as they walk in the door, if your carpets are old and tatty, buy some nice new cheap ones, if they are sound hire a carpet clean, or employ a firm to clean them for you, you may be surprised by the result. Wooden floors can benefit from polishing or re-varnishing, if buyers thinks that they will have to replace the carpets or varnish the wooden floor, a price reduction will be expected.

Check roof insulation, it is not expensive to put this in if it is not there, DIY outlets offer this for as little as a £1 a roll and there are generous grants available to have this done for you. Remember, even if you do not sell immediately, your heating bills will fall!

Ensure that the locks on your home look substantial; new buyers will want assurance that when they move in the house will be secure for them. However, avoid CCTV cameras; this will certainly put new buyers off as they may feel the neighbourhood is unsafe.

In today’s world we rely on electrical gadgets and you should ensure that you have sufficient electrical sockets, the last thing a new buyer will want to do is to start to add extra ones when they move in. You are trying to sell your home; a few pounds spent on extra sockets can help.

We have shown some ways in which you can add value to your home, but avoid the temptation to overspend and hope that you will re-coup this from the sale. Normally there is a top price for properties on your street and you must ensure that you do not make your home too expensive in comparison to the other properties in your neighbourhood.



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