Selecting a Great Mirror for Your Bathroom

One of the most important items to put in a bathroom is a mirror.  Whether you are styling your hair or shaving, this is one item that most people can’t do without in their bathroom.  As it is such a necessary piece of furniture, selecting the right mirror is equally as important.

Many bathrooms have a standard mirror which is simply hung on the wall.  It has no features and it is easily one of the most inexpensive selections to choose from.  Standard bathroom mirrors can be dressed up a bit with a nice frame or a sleek bevelled edge.  You can always add an accessory light above the mirror for added convenience as well.

Extending bathroom mirrors are also great additions to your bathroom.  These are typically installed on the wall next to a standard mirror.  Extending mirrors are generally much smaller and most are double sided.  The backside of these mirrors is magnified which many will find extremely useful.

If you find yourself frequently frustrated by the fog that forms on your mirror after a shower, consider selecting a bathroom mirror heater.  Because the mirror is heated, the fog that typically condenses on the surface does not build up.  This is a great way to add some modern day convenience to your bathroom without much effort.  Although the cost might be greater than a standard mirror, many will find that the convenience of a mirror heater more than makes up for it.

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