Save Energy and Money with Your Existing Heating System

If your radiators don’t already have TRVs (Thermostat Radiator Valves) they are worth adding to your heating system as they could potentially save energy and money. Giving you control over each room’s temperature and also having frost guard for unused / spare rooms. If you want to add TRVs to all the radiators in your home you will have to check that your system has an ABV (Automatic Bypass (pressure balancing)) Valve fitted. This will be located near to the central heating pump between the flow and return pipe. If you don’t have an ABV fitted then a couple of TRV say in a small cloak room or toilet should be fine, but don’t exceed 50% of the system in each zone (upstairs & downstairs). A major don’t is, don’t add a TRV in the same room as the main house thermostat.

A cheap and simple money saving method is foil backing your radiators, this is basically a foil covering that you stick to the wall behind the radiator; this stops the heat from the back of the radiator being absorbed by the wall and reflects it back into the room. Cheap, effective and easy to DIY and could potentially increase the air temperature by 1ºC in your home. You can buy this on rolls of foil backed with polystyrene for around £10 for 2.5 square meters, but for the more creative out there you could try use standard kitchen foil possibly stuck to bubble wrap.

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