Restoring your tired looking furniture

There are several methods you can employ to improve your household furniture, both indoor and outdoor. To clean patio furniture, all you need is a plastic scrubber or steel wool and simple household detergent. Simply wash the items using a gentle scrubbing motion and remember to dry off the furniture when you’ve finished. To clean white plastic tables and chairs, use warm water and detergent as well as a sponge with a slightly abrasive scrubber on the back.

If you want to improve the look of your indoor wooden furniture, you can use a simple whitewashing technique, which brightens the wood without masking the natural grain. Of course, whitewashing methods differ depending on the type of wood, but for pine it is eminently suitable to use a water-based stain that dries quickly without producing too many fumes.

Regarding furniture restoration, there are some simple methods that will allow you to brighten the look of your furniture, removing water stains, cat-scratch marks, and knocks. To improve water marks and scratches, you can wipe on mayonnaise. The oil will help lift the stain and restore its former look. Lemon oil is equally as good, but if neither helps, you can refinish the wood if possible. Wooden furniture that has been nicked and knocked may require you to cut a piece of veneer and attach it, using quality wood glue.

Finally, if you decide to rejuvenate your furniture through simply painting it, make sure to clean and prime the surface properly first. A fresh coat of paint will allow any furniture, no matter how old, to be restored to its former glory.

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