Replacing Ridge Tiles

The apex of a roof is fitted and sealed off with ridge tiles that are bedded on a layer of mortar.  If there are cracks in the mortar it can be easily re-pointed, but loose tiles should be completely removed and the old mortar chopped out to be replaced with fresh.

You can improve adhesion by adding a PVA bonding agent to the mortar to make it more workable.  Lay the new mortar along each edge of the ridge and also butter the ends of adjacent ridge tiles, keeping well clear of the timber ridge board.

At the very end of the roof, fill the open end of the ridge tile with fresh mortar packed out with pieces of tile.  This will make the end of the ridge tile tip slightly upwards to allow rainwater to flow back onto the main roof and not drip onto lower walls.  Packing with mortar will also prevent birds from nesting in the gap.

Be careful not to damage adjacent tiles when chopping away the old mortar under the ridge tiles.  Mortar should be mixed in a 1:3 ratio, while adding PVA bonding agent will produce a waterproof glue that the ridge tiles can be comfortably bedded on.

Other roof tiles should be treated in a slightly different manner, as it involves carefully removing them and using a slate ripper tool to cut through the nails that hold them in place.

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