Renovating a child’s bedroom

Designing a bedroom for your child can be a bit tricky because you want it to last for many years without becoming outdated or grown out of especially if tastes change. Here are our handy tips to creating a child’s bedroom.

Painting the walls

Fight the urge to paint a big mural on the walls because you may find yourself painting it sooner than you think when your child’s tastes change. Instead paint the walls a natural colour and use posters and paintings for decoration; these can be easily changed depending on what your child wants.

Adding furniture

Childs bedrooms are usually smaller than other bedrooms in the house so choosing the right furniture is essential. A wardrobe and bedside table are great additions to the room and some under bed storage keeps the room from getting cluttered.

Bed and bedding

A bed is of course the most essential part of any bedroom and choosing one for a child can be a painstaking task. Choose a bed that your child can grow into because you don’t want to be buying a new bed every few years when it gets out grown.

Bedding is another way of decorating the room; let your child choose their favourite cartoon character or football club; this will give them some control on how the room will look like and in turn make them happier with the room as a whole.


If you’re still struggling to come up with some inspiration then have a look online. There are many websites that specialise in bedroom fixtures and fittings such as and that are great resources for finding the perfect products for your child’s room.


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