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Removing a tree

Trees can shroud a garden in darkness, hide beautiful views and interfere with power cables.  In some cases, a property and its outdoor space can be greatly improved by chopping a tree down.

If an individual wishes to remove a tree independently, it is important to remain safe and in control at all times throughout.  It is sensible to call in a professional to remove large trees, as specialist equipment may be required to prevent real damage when the tree falls.

The first thing to do is work out an area where the tree can safely fall.  If the trunk has a natural slant, aim to make it fall the least distance.

To bring the tree down, a wedge should be cut into the trunk on the side that you want it to fall towards.  This will direct it to the ground, and ensure it falls in the desired direction.

Attention can then be switched to the other side of the tree.  A straight line should be cut into the trunk, on the opposite side to the wedge.  It is vital that the second cut is made above the wedge, or else control of the fall will be greatly reduced.

The feller should get clear of the area as quickly and safely as possible, as soon as the tree starts to give. 

There are various ways to deal with the stump.  One of the simplest is to drill holes into it and inject a chemical that will eventually cause it to break down naturally.  Only ever attempt to fell a tree after thoroughly researching it first.


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