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Do you really need to replace an old boiler?


Just because a boiler is old it does not necessarily need replacing. We are “bombarded” by government and industry telling us that we should all fit condensing boilers, why? Many older boilers are far superior to modern ones. They feature cast-iron heat exchangers, and few moving parts, the exception being the pump, but this is not always a feature of a boiler anyway and can be external to it.

Modern condensing boilers, normally have aluminium or stainless-steel heat exchangers, plus electronic controls which can be the one area which causes a boiler to stop working, usually in the evening or at a weekend! There are many examples of boilers that are running efficiently possibly in a kitchen or utility room that are 30 to 40 plus years old.

Whilst it may be true that a condensing boiler does save on fuel, consider the cost of a new condensing boiler, plus the low average life expectancy of a condensing boiler and by doing some simple arithmetic it will be seen that the savings in fuel are quickly offset by repair and replacement costs. Naturally a condensing boiler is thought to be better for the environment, but if your old boiler is still working, think twice before condemning it to the skip.



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