Ready-made v Custom-made Blinds

When choosing blinds for your home, one decision you need to make is whether to go for ready made blinds or custom made blinds.

Ready made window blinds, as the name suggests, are pre-made and come in a standard range of sizes requiring minimal alteration when installing them.  This means the delivery is quicker and they are cheaper than custom-made versions.

Custom-made or made to measure blinds allow you to choose exactly the size you want, based on the window dimensions and where they are to be positioned.  The downside is that they are a more expensive option compared to ready-made blinds and the delivery time will inevitably be longer.

Deciding between the two ultimately comes down to budget and the type of windows you have in your home.  For example, blinds in the conservatory would be more suited to the custom made variety, as the windows tend to be unusual shapes and sizes.

Whichever option you go for, it is essential that you measure the space correctly before ordering your blinds.  You also need to decide which type to choose, whether it is Venetians, Roman, pleated or roller blinds, depending on your individual tastes.

There are plenty of online blind retailers in the UK, so it is so easy to choose from a whole range of styles, materials and colours.  Some websites even feature instructional videos that show you how to measure and install the blinds.

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