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Are printable flooring designs the future of interior design?


Technology is moving at break nose speed and now affects every part of our lives including our homes. Smart home accessories such as wireless entertainment systems and computer controlled heating systems are becoming really popular as people embrace this new technology, and UK Flooring Direct think that they have come up with the future of flooring – custom designed and printer flooring.

The technology is already available to print onto flooring such as laminate, but tend to be standard designs such as wooden planks or black and white checks. UK Flooring Direct has reimagined this process and has come up with a range of funky designs that can be used to make any room stand out.

Here are some of the amazing designs:

Children’s rooms



Whether your child is into football or playground games there is a design to suit them.






Whether you’re into digital games such as Tetris or Minecraft, or are more into classic board games like Twister and Monopoly everything is better when it’s bigger.

Optical Illusions



Optical illusions have always been a part of interior design, so why not put it on the floor as well! Just don’t fall down the hole.

Relaxing Beach


Want to feel like you’re on the beach when you’re chilling out in your front room? Then this great beach design is a great choice.



Car enthusiasts will love this custom flooring, and it really provides a great focal point in the room.

Although still in its infancy, custom made printed flooring is possible, and as UK Flooring Direct’s concept images show, the possibilities are endless.

Check out the UK Flooring Direct blog for all of the concept images, you never know, you might stumble across some great inspirational ideas for your next project.


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