Preparations for fitting a bathroom sink

When it comes to fitting bathroom sinks, planning the exact location of your bathroom sink needs careful consideration. Bathroom sinks require sufficient space around them in order to ensure comfortable use. Bathroom sinks that are to be wall-mounted need to have substantial fixings – ensure that the wall is in good condition, with something solid to take the weight.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the different kinds of bathroom sinks that are on offer. Small bathroom sinks, such as corner sinks, are more appropriate for bathrooms of limited space, whereas larger bathroom sinks are tailored for larger bathrooms and can even be made a focal point dependent on the extravagance of their style and design.

When fitting wall-hung bathroom sinks you will certainly need assistance.  It has to be held against the wall for levelling and marking purposes. Mark the fixing holes for the bathroom sink, then drill and plug the holes. Insert the special screw in bolts that should be supplied with your bathroom sink, then place the bathroom sink over the bolts. Then add the washers and tighten the nuts, which again should be supplied with your bathroom sink.

For a pedestal basin, simply place the pedestal in position and then sit the bathroom sink upon the pedestal. Again mark the fixing holes and drill the holes with a masonry bit. Be sure to plug the holes properly, and as with a wall-hung sink fix the screws that are supplied with your chosen bathroom sink and then add the washers and tighten the nuts.

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