Planning Your Conservatory

This project lies somewhere between property development and DIY, although building a conservatory won’t need the services of architects unless you’re being really extravagant. With all that glazing, you might need to do a little painting and decorating, but there’ll be precious little plastering. Provided you’re not planning to cover half your garden or build one higher than your existing roof, you won’t need planning permission to build a superb new conservatory. If your planned construction is (a) at ground level, (b) under 30sqm, (c) mostly glazed and (d) with an external door between it and the house, there are no building regulations to comply with.

Try to be balanced; the conservatory needs to be in proportion with the house. A massive glassy atrium stuck on the end of a small terraced house will look a trifle odd and don’t squeeze the garden into oblivion.

Try to picture what you use the extra space for before building, a breakfast room, home office, dining room, play room? Each will have different requirements.

Check the building regulations for the thermal quality of the glazing, the ‘U’ value determines how much heat it will let in or out. Also consider the direction the conservatory will be facing, this will inevitably influence internal temperature. South-facing conservatories should be glazed with solar glass, it really keeps the interior cool, but north-facing ones need ‘low emissivity’ or ‘Low E’ glass, to keep the heat in. Finally, don’t forget about good quality blinds, they’ll reduce both heat and glare.

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