Planning a garden room

Modern homes are generally smaller, neater and more compact in nature than many older buildings and with the growing trend for many to work from home, or the need to allow teenagers some space of their own, accommodating these needs and many others becomes difficult.  An approach that an increasing number of householders turn to is to have a purpose built room in their gardens.

So how do you go about planning a garden room that is warm convenient comfortable and importantly, is possible to use all year round not just in the warm summer months, as perhaps a Garden Home Office, Teenagers Hideaway, Music room, or even an Art Studio or Guest Room? The construction has to be a huge improvement on a garden shed and be super insulated, heated if necessary, have electricity and possibly bathing and toilet facilities together with soundproofing in needed.

The modern approach is to use the facilities of a specialist company that will design, and construct a contemporary wooden Garden Room to meet your specific requirements. There are a number of companies that advertise garden rooms, but as with anything you should research carefully, compare and ensure you choose one that is committed to customer service, uses only quality materials, skilled on site employees and is willing to give a comprehensive guarantee, you can then leave the design and planning to the experts.

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