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Huge concerns being raised about the apparent lack of flood awareness by homeowners

Flooding might be at the forefront of the minds of insurers, but it seems that about 35% of homeowners have not given the matter any thought. With the country being once again in the centre of yet another storm to arrive at our shores, land agent Aston Mead is urging people to forget the notion that sandbags with keep the floodwaters at bay. Whilst they may help to hold back water for a short period, clearer thinking is needed.

The main cause for concern relates to homes built on floodplains, which as the name implies are subject to flooding as water from rivers flows over the banks. Building on floodplains is running at the rate of around 10,000 per year and one new home in every 14 built is on put onto land that is designed to flood, either from the sea or rivers, with one in three homeowners being unaware whether their home is on a floodplain or not. (more…)

Top reasons for buying a home revealed

When asked the question by conveyancer My Home Move why you bought your home, 56% replied that they simply fell in love with it, and the top reasons why they did included location, price and a garden. However, as with all things connected to buying a property, it is not as simple as that and understandably much more diverse.

Good news on the new house building front as 2015 saw increase of 7% year on year

It is news that we have all being waiting for as it is reported that registered new homes built in the UK increased last year by 7% to a new high of over 156,000. The National House Building Council (NHBC) are naturally pleased with the increase which shows that 75% more new homes were registered in 2015, compared to time before the housing crash which occurred in 2009 and when 156,140 homes were register and last year compares with 146,359 in 2014.

Public land to be sold for home building

There can be few that are not aware of the desperate need for new homes to be built, particularly for first time buyers; one of the main constraints is the lack of available land. However the government is to release 80 public sites, with the promise of a further 40 within a period of 18 months all of which will be suitable to develop new houses. The total amount announced so far is 600 acres and it is estimated that this amount of land will be sufficient for 5,000 homes, there will be some available for industry and 20% of the land has already got outline planning permission. (more…)

Millions promised to Councils to tackle rogue landlords

We all know that there are some very good landlords, who maintain their property, and address tenants concerns, but equally there are some rogue landlords that give the rented sector a bad name.

The government is concerned about this and in order to try to tackle the problem, they have promised councils £5 million to root out these rogues that operate in their areas, this can, if needed, be by raiding the premises. We understand that 48 councils are to share the money so that they can, where necessary, take on these rogue landlords that are making their tenants lives a misery by forcing them to live in squalid and dangerous properties. (more…)

Very little prospect of UK rents growing at a slower pace in 2016

With a huge section of the population having to rely on the rented sector for accommodation, the news from property services group Countrywide brought no cheer with regard to possible rent rises in this year. We saw that in 2015, rents continued to grow at 3.1% over the year, although at a slower pace than had been seen the previous year. According to data the average monthly rent now stands at £919 per calendar month.

Government policies help house builders’ record profits

There may be a shortage of affordable homes and figures produced have shown that property sales across towns and cities in the UK fell, but that has not affected the profits of some of our nation’s house builders. Builders put the welcome rise in profitability to some of the schemes devised by government to help people get onto the housing ladder.

Unsurprisingly buying and selling a home is stressful

Buying and selling a house comes second as the most stressful of experiences following on behind getting a divorce, but ahead of having a child, although we imagine that would depend upon whether you are the father or mother, all according to new research which has been carried out on behalf of UK consumer organisation Which?

Crisis in supply of homes for sale in the UK

We have reported a number of times that the housing situation is beginning to reach a crisis point as the number of homes being built has not kept pace with the demand, particularly for first time buyers. Now it seems that the situation is getting worse as it has been reported that there are now ten buyers for every property that comes up for sale in the UK and the housing market has taken another turn for the worst.

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