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On Bed Sizes

Bed sizes have become increasingly standardised over decades, although they often vary from country to country. Bed size is important not just when considering your comfort whilst sleeping, either singly or in a double bed, but also from the point of view of the available space in your bedroom and choosing a compatible mattress, bed linen, duvets and any accessories such as headboards.

Bed sizes are not always strictly adhered to when they are put in practice during manufacture; depending on the material and the ultimate look of the bed, some inches can be added or reduced to enhance the final product. Bed size is always stated so do check this before buying so that you can plan for placing the bed in your bedroom and getting the right mattress, linen and duvet.

Considering bed sizes, it may be useful to think of who will eventually use the bed most often. If buying for personal comfort, it may be advisable to choose a larger bed. If buying for a guest room, a guest beds are typically smaller so that more room space is left.

Children’s beds also come in a range of sizes, from small baby cots to larger single beds. Measure this carefully, as many children’s rooms are relatively smaller than other bedrooms, and enough space should be left for your child to move around comfortably or have a playing area.

You can also buy bedside furniture, which should be taken into account when measuring.


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