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A majority of house hunter say that they would pay more for an eco-home

Eco home

So called eco style homes have in general been more expensive that the traditional ones that we have seen built over hundreds of years, but now, it appears, house buyers say that they would be prepared to pay more to get one.

Figures which have been released by UK house builder Redrow suggest that 63% of would be buyers want to buy a home which would allow them to “go green” to fulfil their ambition, and 82% declared that they would pay more to do so.

Perhaps it is the thought of having lower energy bills, suggesting that they may believe that it would to some degree offset the extra purchase price. The lower energy bills came ahead of other desirable things such as a garden, parking space, amenities, and fittings and fixtures. Those asked said that they would be willing to pay as much as 6% to get a home with what are considered desirable and sustainable features. When you consider the the average house price across the UK is now just under £300,000, this relates to those people being willing to pay an extra £18,000.

Redrow have said that the research that was carried out challenges the long held view that the demand for so called “greener” living is a limited market and 78% of those people asked believed that sustainable living would have a definite and positive effect on our environment, two thirds of them suggested they also said it would be approved by what they described as “significant others” in their lives.

Although the research has indicated, according to Redrow, that there is a demand for such homes, 25% said they did not think that they could find such a home, whilst half of respondents said they were unsure how the sustainable features worked.

Redrow is committed to reducing carbon footprints in their developments and they say that the properties now being built by them are 54% better at saving loss of heat than homes built in the 1970’s through improved techniques.



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